20. Sep, 2018

Category 6 Day Of Destruction Movie Download Hd

Category 6: Day Of Destruction Movie Download Hd ->>> DOWNLOAD

Three tornadoes converge to wreak havoc on Chicago, disrupting the power grid and creating the worst super-storm in history: a category 6 twister.

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original title: Category 6: Day of Destruction

genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi

imdb: 4.8

duration: 2h 55min

tags: Tornadoes, hurricanes, blackouts...There is no shelter from this storm!

keywords: weather, storm, twister, theft, fathersonrelationship, fall, infidelity, bully, barechestedmale, meteorologist, shotintheshoulder, fallingglass, explosion, catastrophe, blackout






































Just before national weather bureau chief Andy Goodman's retirement, an unprecedented series on coinciding storms of abnormal strength on US soil occurs, culminating in a 'category 6' clash of two near Chicago. Midwest power grid service company Mitch Benson tries his best to restore power after overloads in several plants, so as to enable urgent warnings and relief actions. Craig Shilts' nuclear reactors company hopes to abuse problems to maximize profits, but is hit by an ICT breakdown which renders everything worse, just as the computer expert they hired to downsize their ICT staff warned. Goodman's wife, a reporter, gets access to startling facts from an unwilling source. Both their children and many others are affected in surprising, adventurous ways, whether just fleeing are attempting to provide heroic help. Tornado in Las Vegas. Heat in Chicago. Hail in Illinois. A snowfall and a storm force flows towards Chicago. It's just the beginning of a series of weather anomalies. The lights go off. People panic. A few courageous people are trying to solve the riddle of the infuriated nature and prevent mass destruction. There was some doubts in my mind about this two(2) part film which depicted all kinds of problems that were facing the Mid-West and especially the "Windy CITY". I will say that the producers and directors did a fair job of using special effects which seemed to be repeated over and over again. Nancy McKeon,(Amy),"The Division",'01,TV Series, gave a compelling performance along with veteran actor, Brian Dennehy,(Andy Goodman),"She Hate Me",'04, who gave a great supporting role. It was very surprising to see Dianne Wiest,(Secretary Abbott),"Not Afraid, Not Afraid",'01, appearing in this role and I have no understanding why an Academy Award Winner would have agreed to appearing in this picture! If you want to see this film, just watch the Second(2nd) Part of the film and you will find out it is boring and a great WASTE OF TIME!!! I can't believe I actually spent almost three hours of my life watching this. This must be one of the most unbelievable, predictable and cheesy television movies I have seen in a long time. I was hoping for some good special effects and action, instead I spent the entire time rolling my eyes and yelling "OH COME ON!!!", at the screen. The dialog is shallow and obvious, the acting strained at times and as the story moves along, isn't it just funny how EVERYTHING happens at the same time... Not to mention the obvious and nauseating ending... Now I've seen more than my share of disaster movies, I am a big fan actually, and think that often they can pull off completely unrealistic stuff as long as it's done in a fun way, but this is definitely not it. This is just an insult to intelligent viewers everywhere. What were they thinking when they made this movie?????


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